Sunday, 8 September 2013

Introducing Our Artist of the Month

Wow! What a year it has been for 3 Girls and a Kiln! A year ago this month Claire, Aimee and Charlotte decided it was about time to show the world all the hard work that's been going on in the studio. Thus, 3 Girls and a Kiln was born. Living on a small island has its challenges and most of them we are getting use to. However, the import and export of people is one of those things we just can't. Especially the leaving. Friends come and friends go, and it is tough. Even tougher when a friend is a great person, talented artist and part of a fantastic collective. We are sad to announce that Charlotte has moved on to greener pastures, otherwise know her motherland, England. It was an emotional summer for all to say the least. While Charlotte will be missed, Claire and Aimee will be carrying the banner for the collective and still retain the current name. After weeks of mass discussion and libations, we have decided we could never replace Charlotte and therefore will not add another permanent member. In keeping with the 3 Girls tradition we will have an artist of the month as our pseudo "third girl" in hopes of continuing to bring fabulous art to Cayman.

With that said, we are happy to announce September's Artist of the Month: Kelsey McFetridge. 
Originally from Winnipeg, Kelsey has called Cayman home since 2008 (with a few years back in Canada here and there). As a young girl, Kelsey began making earrings and bracelets for her sisters and friends. As an adult she continues to toy with ideas and make new things based on all her travels. After meeting a wire designer a few years back, and becoming close to her through the classes she taught, Kelsey's imagined designs became a reality.  She saw that through friends and strangers alike, her designs and jewelry style are accepted and cherished by more then just her curiosity. The new opportunities and excitement of developing her love for art has brought her here, to 3 Girls and a Kiln. From her own designs to your desires, Kelsey is making a splash in the jewelry world of Cayman.
Kelsey's jewelry will be featured on our Etsy page through the months of September and October. Please give a warm welcome to Kelsey and her unique perspective on jewelry!