Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sea Glass for the Season

"Walking along the shore after the storm
I look at things the tide has left behind,
a plastic bucket, tins, a rug of kelp,
finding at last what I had hoped to find."
- Excerpt from Sea Glass, by Vivian Smith

Sea glass is the beautiful reminder of what used to be. Claire has found a way to turn these sea gems into amazing new works of art. This holiday season 3 Girls and a Kiln are featuring wine charms and angels made from recycled sea glass and wire. 

I loved listening to Claire explain how and when she found her glass. Most of the pieces of sea glass that she uses were found after Hurricane Ivan hit Grand Cayman in 2004. It is breathtaking to find beauty in something so destructive. Claire credits the help of her god-daughter to helping her find the smallest pieces. It takes a very keen eye, and an adventurous soul to pick out all these little gems amongst the sand.

What a beautiful addition to any holiday party. 

Ever set down your wine glass at a party and walk away, only to come back forget which one is yours? Thank heavens for the wine charm. These magnificent seas glass charms provide a function and a little eye candy, while reusing what nature has given back to us.

Larger pieces of sea glass provide the bodies of these handcrafted angels. The perfect accent on any Christmas tree. The lights on the tree make each of these angels glow.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Sign Coming Soon!

Check out our new sign! To be seen in local artist markets soon! You will know us not only by our name, but also our faces too!


Welcome to 3 Girls & a Kiln! 

We are ever so delighted that you have come to visit us. The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone up to date on what we are working on, where we will be selling work and anything neat and nifty we want to share with you all. Please check back, as we update frequently!