Saturday, 1 February 2014

New Year, New Beginnings

Well, well, where has the time gone? It has certainly gotten away from us! Our last post was in September? Really? Well that just won't do!  Here is a quick recap of the past 4 months: Lots of creating, lots of networking, lots of craft fairs and tons of new items...

We were lucky enough to have a very busy holiday season and we hope all of you that purchased gifts for others and/or received your very own 3 Girls and a Kiln piece, are enjoying them so much. We have met so many people over the last 4 months and gained new knowledge (as well as a nap here and there) that we feel prepared to bring you the best version of 3 Girls and a Kiln in 2014! With that being said...

First thing first, we would like to announce that 3 Girls and a Kiln is officially THREE girls! We would like to introduce the newest  member of our collective, Deborah Richey. After spending time with Deborah and getting to know her style (and sense of humor), we think she is the perfect fit for 3 Girls and a Kiln. She will be bringing loads of fresh ideas and a new perspective to the vintage, beachy aesthetic you've come to expect from 3 Girls and a Kiln. Please scroll down to find out more about Deborah and pictures of her work.

Secondly, what are you to expect from us this new year? We are working hard every weekend (as we all have full time jobs) to come up with new and exceptional ideas to bring you the best in the ceramic medium. We have been traveling, reading and experimenting with a wealth of things that we know will inspire greatness. We know you expect nothing less from us, and we want to give you the world. You can look forward to new patterns, shapes, and home goods to arrive in our Etsy Shop and straight to you at public appearances and events. Our Etsy Shop is once again open with ready to ship items. We are hoping to unveil new items by end of February, along with all those custom items you look forward to ordering. We will also be offering a credit card option! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the latest Etsy info, events and giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways.... You will be pleased to know we plan on doing more of these via our Facebook page.  We love all the support you have given to us over the years and we want to give a little something back to you! We can't wait to see where this year takes us!

Now meet Deborah!

Deborah is molding the minds of young people as an art teacher at John Gray High School, here in Grand Cayman. She is a bit of an all-round artist, exploring her talents in drawing, painting, sculpting and jewelry making. Deborah moved to the Cayman Islands from the UK, where her main focus was on drawing, in particular pet portraits in both pencil and coloured pencil. Moving to the island has created many more opportunities for making and showcasing her art. She is currently exhibiting her paintings at the Kennedy Gallery in Galleria Plaza, and regularly sells her jewelry and other artwork at local craft fairs on island. Deborah is so excited to being a new chapter of working in an artist collaboration and all the things that 3 Girls and a Kiln will bring! Please check out a few examples of her work below and be sure to peep her work at the new 3 Girls and a Kiln events.