Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nor'easter Up in Here

A nor'easter has just ripped through Grand Cayman, producing low temps, high winds and massive waves. I had a blast today driving downtown trying to capture the exact moment when a gigantic wave crashes into the never suspecting sea wall. It is an overwhelming persona the ocean takes on as it explodes onto the beach.

The sea is a great producer of audio pleasantries. I wish I could bottle it all up, wrap it in brown paper with twine and give it away for free.

I look forward to the coming days after the swells have died down and these 3 girls can go hunting the shore for treasures washed up. Sea glass, coral, driftwood and other items beaten up by the sea. Mother nature is a wicked temptress that produces some of the most beautiful disasters, yet I find comfort in the things she leaves behind. I know that we can take something precious she has destroyed, and make it beautiful again.

Here are a few photos I took this afternoon: